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Ice Bear Nagura Stone 12000 Grit

Nagura stones are a useful accessory to 6000 grit and above finishing stones. They can also be used as small sharpening stones themselves.
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This premium quality synthetic Nagura stone is suitable for use with waterstones up to 10,000 grit.

The Nagura stone serves 2 purposes when used in conjunction with a waterstone:


1. To Develop A Slurry

Creating a slurry on your finishing stones before actually sharpening your tools on them is a good practice as it will greatly speed up the sharpening process.
  • To create the slurry first soak both the sharpening stone and the Nagura stone until saturated - usually around 5-10 minutes.
  • Rub the Nagura stone over your finishing stone until a good slurry has developed on the surface of the finishing stone.
  • The slurry can also be used to clean the stains from the surface of a blade caused by the tannins in wood.


2. Flattening High Spots On Finishing Stones

When using the finishing stone you notice a high spot developing, you can actually rub it out with the Nagura stone.

The Nagura stone can also be used as a small sharpening stone in its own right.

Stone Size : Approx 75 x 25 x 25mm


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