BCB Fireball Fire Flint Striker

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BCB's version of the Swedish Firesteel.

The original fire starters just got better. The two new designs are more comfortable and safer to use. Both have a small liquid filled button compass in the handle.

The flint and striker of the Grand Fireball slide and lock together for easy use.

Designed for continual use the flint delivers a huge shower of sparks.

Reliable for lighting tinder in seconds.

Try using it with the Light My Fire Maya Sticks - SUPERB!!

Works in all weather conditions.

Product Specification

  • MIDI : Length: 8cm (3”) Weight: 40g (1.3oz)
  • GRAND : Length: 11cm (4.5”) Weight: 50g (1.6oz)
World Of Survival - Fire Lighting Made Easy!!