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Les Stroud (Survivorman) - Will To Live Signed Copy

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Inside page signed by Les himself!!

Life hangs in the balance in a survival situation, where one wrong decision can make the difference between living and dying. No one knows this better than Les Stroud, who has spent a lifetime surviving everywhere from the Amazon jungles to the vast Arctic tundra. In his newest book, Will to Live, Stroud calls upon his decades of survival experience to recount both famous and less-renowned survival stories while explaining what went right, what went wrong – and why.

Is it luck or knowledge that makes the difference?

A well-equipped survival kit or the will to live?

Will to Live is an inspiring testament to the unyielding human instinct to prevail against all odds, a practical look at what it takes to endure the unthinkable, and a guide to help answer the eternal question: Do you have what it takes to survive?
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Nail Biting Reading from World Of Survival!!!