Fallkniven D12 Diamond Knife Sharpening Steel

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Fallkniven D12 Diamond Sharpening Steel


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Fallkniven in Sharpening

As used by Jim Sutcliffe - the BBC Young Butcher of the Year 2009.
Jim said "I did actually take one of the steels with me and used it in the final of the young butcher of the year program!"
What higher praise could you ask for.
Jim and the staff at Meridian Meats use the Fallkniven D12 Sharpening Steels supplied by ourselves.
So take it from Jim himself when he says :
"They have been fab! Best ones ever!"

The oval shape of the steel allows greater exposure of the knife surface to the steel, which in turn, makes sharpening faster and more efficient.
In addition to this, the surface of the steel is covered with fine diamonds and you will find that results come fast, even if the knife is made of a hard stainless steel.

To insure a long life of the steel, the surface is covered with titaniumaluminanitrid (try saying that after a few drinks!!), an extremely hard and sophisticated material, which is only found on exclusive products.

This diamond steel is used for establishing the wedge-shape of the edge and in certain cases, the micro-teeth made by the steel should deliver excellent cutting performance, for example with fresh bread.

Kitchen knives, which need to be sharpened quickly and professionally, should be honed with the Fallkniven D12 Diamond Steel.

The professional chefs AND the amateur chefs best friend.


  • Handle: 127mm (5")
  • Sharpening Steel: 305mm (12")
  • Overall Length: 432 mm (17")
Your knives deserve the very best there is, so give it to them.

Additional Useful Information
Please note that when using a diamond sharpening steel, the steel will take on a grey tone after being used. The coarseness on all new D12 sharpening steels is there for only a few days/weeks and the “roughness” of the surface will disappear. This is perfectly normal and the steel will work for many years as intended.You may also notice that the steel will take on a black colour to it too. This is very fine shards of metal from your knife removed during the sharpening process. This can be washed and wiped off now and then to keep the steel in optimum condition.
Fallkniven Sharpening Steels - A Cut Above The Rest!!