Non-Slip Japanese Waterstone Holder

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Non-Slip Waterstone Holder


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The Non-Slip Waterstone Holder is a very worthwhile accompaniment to your waterstone collection. It will make sharpening non-frustrating, easier and most importantly of all, SAFER.
Product Description

  • Will hold Waterstones measuring 139mm (5.5") up to 228mm (9") in length
  • This Heavy Duty Non-Skid Waterstone Holder has contoured rubber holders at either end, one end fixed and one end sliding
  • It can be tightened by means of two adjustable screws to hold the waterstone firmly but gently
  • A central rubber block provides extra support
  • Rubber grips on the underside help prevent your waterstone from sliding or moving about
  • Arms made from chrome plated steel that resist rusting
This holder will make the sharpening of your waterstones easier and safer as it will help to keep the stone from moving around when you are trying to sharpen your cutting tool.
Your fingers will be happy that you bought this!!
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