Ice Bear Japanese King Waterstone Set

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Japanese Ice Bear King Waterstone Set with Holder

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Japanese Ice Bear King Waterstone Set with Non-Slip Mat

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King Ice Bear in Sharpening

SAVE £11.80 compared to buying individually!!


Save ANOTHER £10 by taking the waterstone set with the non-slip mat instead of the holder! (See Picture2) 


A full set of Ice Bear / King Deluxe Waterstones

The 800 Grit Bench Stone for Initial Grinding

The 1200 Grit Bench Stone for Refining

The 6000 Grit Bench Stone for Finishing

The 8000 Grit Nagura Stone to help get that mirror finish

The Heavy Duty Non-Skid Waterstone Holder to stop movement


The Anti-Slip Mat to stop movement




The 800 Grit Stone for Initial Grinding

  • This 800 Grit stone, is a top quality branded, full sized Bench stone. (NOT the thin 15mm version)
  • An absolute must in the waterstone armoury.
  • It is used to flatten the backs of blades and forms the edge. (The most important part of your cutting tool)
  • The 800 Grit leaves the metal dull but smooth.
  • A good grit for cutting edges that are damaged, have nicks on the cutting edge or are badly worn.
  • The 800 grit measures approx. 207mm x 66mm x 34mm


The 1200 Grit Stone for Refining
  • This 1200 Grit stone, is a top quality branded, full sized Bench stone. (Again, NOT the thin 15mm version)
  • The 1200 Grit will remove scratches and further refine the surface of the blade and hone it to give an edge.
  • It will also partly polish the surface.
  • The 1200 grit measures approx. 207mm x 66mm x 34mm


The 6000 Grit Stone for Finishing

  • This 6000 Grit stone, is a top quality branded Waterstone.
  • The superfine 6000 Grit stone is a fine finishing stone and is used to bring the metal to an absolute mirror finish, and hence an ultra-sharp edge.
  • The 6000 grit measures approx. 185mm x 62mm x 19mm


The 8000 Grit Nagura Stone
  • The Nagura stone is used to deglaze and build up slurry on the surface of the 6000 Grit stone, which helps in the polishing process.
  • The slurry can also be used to clean the stains from the surface of a blade caused by the tannins in wood.


The Non-Skid Waterstone Holder
  • This Heavy Duty Non-Skid Waterstone Holder is made to hold Waterstones measuring 139mm (5.5") up to 228mm (9") in length, has contoured rubber holders at either end, one end fixed and one end sliding.
  • It can be tightened by means of two adjustable screws to hold the waterstone firmly but gently.
  • A central rubber block provides extra support.
  • Rubber grips on the underside prevent your waterstone from sliding or moving about whilst you are trying to sharpen your cutting tool.
  • A very worthwhile accompaniment to your waterstone collection. It will make sharpening non-frustrating, easier and most importantly of all, safer.
The Anti-Slip Mat
  • Rubberised anti slip matting, ideal for keeping your waterstones in place.
  • Easy to use.
  • 400mm x 300mm approx.
  • Waterproof and can be rinsed for reuse.
  • No fuss, no mess!
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